SAFAR, Issue 5 Migration


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Safar is an independent design and visual culture magazine based in Beirut, Lebanon. Published biannually and bilingually (Arabic-English), Safar curates contributions from designers, thinkers, and artists around a chosen theme. Safar, the Arabic word for travel, refers to notions of communication, especially across cultural and linguistic boundaries. The magazine’s primary goal is to recognize Graphic Design as an active player in cultural production and to shift the conversation on design and visual culture away from its fixation on the global North.

In the fifth issue, Migrations, Mekdes Yilma and Tsigereda Brihanu discuss the realities, challenges, and dangers faced by migrant domestic workers in Lebanon and their work to end an oppressive system; Miranda July shares three short stories from her collection No One Belongs Here More than You; Elia Suleiman talks about identification with the globalized Palestine and his latest film, It Must be Heaven; Mazen Kerbaj illustrates his daily attempts to learn German; Steven Heller discusses how to shift the design history discourse and his experiences with Impostor syndrome; and more.

    21 × 27.5 cm, Softcover, 2020,