Various Artists (Bjarki / VTSS / Cadency / Kuldaboli) - Hellcat Vol. 1 2020 REPRESS

Various Artists (Bjarki / VTSS / Cadency / Kuldaboli) - Hellcat Vol. 1 2020 REPRESS



12" EP


HELLCAT is a new series from bbbbbb records focusing on club-ready dance floor
driven tunes. The first edition, HELLCAT VOL.1 welcomes VTSS and Cadency on
the A side, juxtapositioned by the Icelanders Bjarki and Kuldaboli on the B side.

Berlin-based Polish producer, DJ and live act VTSS is a regular at Warsaw-based
club Jasna1 and her visceral productions and energetic performances join the
dots between hard techno, acid, rave and EBM. ‘Sober Raving’ sees her once
again in her finest form with rumbling bass, mean melodies and a cacophony of

Cadency is the moniker of OAKS and KAOS founder Héctor Oaks. He is one of
the most exciting names in today’s thriving techno scene and is a regular at the
likes of Berlin’s infamous Herrensauna and Tbilisi’s nightclub institution Bassiani.
‘Eating Steel’ is an example of how twisted Oaks can get, combining reverberating
kicks with oscillating atmospherics and murky vocal samples.

Bjarki needs little introduction as the founder of bbbbbb and one of the most
versatile electronic music producers and live acts out there, creating high quality
techno, electro, IDM and even ambient. Meanwhile, Kuldaboli is another Icelandic
electronic music producer based in Berlin who specialises in stone cold electro.
Together they team up for ‘Hrái Hötturin’: a fast paced and mesmerising cut with
sci-fi stabs and intricate warps before the blistering solo outing from Kuldaboli
entitled ‘Hefurðu einhvern tímann hugsað um það’ warps listeners through outer
space at 160 bpm.