Mella Dee - Ridgewood EP

Mella Dee - Ridgewood EP

Warehouse Music



Six chunky cuts made with the dancefloor in mind, ‘Ridgewood’ opens with the squelching techno of the title track before ‘Toast’ and ‘Sidewalk Surfer’ keeps things ticking over with their steady grooves. The ‘Yoofy Mix’ of ‘Ridgewood’ has more of an apocalyptic take on the original, before the EP closes out with its two toughest tracks in ‘Maplins’ and ‘Rockport XCS’

Mella Dee brings in the new year with a Warehouse Music label showcase in the Telegraph Building in Belfast, with Special Request, Tijana T and Elll completing the billing. Before travelling to Thailand for a special Circoloco showcase in Phuket.

One of the UK’s boldest electronic talents, Mella Dee flexes his production prowess on ‘Ridgewood’