Derek Carr & Peter Sweeney - 393X002  (PRE-ORDER)

Derek Carr & Peter Sweeney - 393X002 (PRE-ORDER)

393 Records



Dublin imprint 393 Records debuted in 2018 with a sold out 12” by label owner Philip Galvin Jr and fellow Irish techno producer The Parallel. 393X02 follows a similar deep space trajectory with another split 12” by 2 Irishmen, Derek Carr & Peter Sweeney.

After many years as a cult figure, Derek Carr’s sleek brand of soulful, deep techno has more recently found a home on revered labels such as Ferox and D1 Recordings and now 393. He continues his adventures into the cosmos on the A-side, firstly with Distorted Information (HAL’s Promise) subtle, eerie bleeps and spacious, haunting pads before increasing the funk with teasing percussion and launguid, inter-looping strings on Ejected Into Space (No Suit).

Peter Sweeney is a burgeoning Dublin producer and live performer, delivering his most mature productions to date on the B-side. Fervour Voyage is the fittingly-titled B1; underscored by a trance-inducing bass line, Sweeney blankets the song in layers of spine-tingling acid and evocative, reflective assonance. The 12” is rounded off by Galaxiacid, the most insistent track on the release, a surging slab of acid with its heart aimed straight to the centre of the dance-floor.