DJ Life - Quantum Travel (PRE-ORDER)

Distant Horizons


12" EP

Aussie DJ and producer DJ Life has been a name on everyone’s lips since surfacing as one of progressive dance music’s most exciting emergers. Stellar releases have come on Dansu Discs and Echocentric Records, with remixes from fellow prog-trance-techno influencers Adam Pits and Rudolf C, cementing his place at the top of the long-blend rise.

Now, debuting on Distant Horizons, DJ Life produces four typically entrancing cuts of hypnotic, stylish and straight-up fun dance music with its crosshairs fixated firmly on those dark, sweaty, underground nights.

‘Gnagnag’ gets the warm-up underway with its playful M1 chords and punchy kicks; a marching-on-the-spot number that was born to get silly to. ‘Zweop’ takes the tempo up a notch as we swap the waft for a heads-down aesthetic; a heady-blend of tech-house (the good kind) and prog creating a peak-time cruiser.

‘Behemoth’ presses pause on the trippy 4x4 in favour of wobbly basslines and breaks - much in the vein of the excellent Casa Voyager crew - electro feels and glowing atmospherics taking you on a 6-minute trip driving down the desert highway, before ‘Acidophilus’ sees us out with? You guessed it. A hefty dose of synthy acid to guide you into the wee hours.

EXPECTED October 2021