Jai Dee - Whirling Mass of Formless Darkness (PRE-ORDER)

Jai Dee - Whirling Mass of Formless Darkness (PRE-ORDER)



12" EP

Glasgow producer Jai Dee debuts on 1Ø Pills Mate following a string of hot airwave teasers on DJ Haus’ Unknown To Unknown Rinse FM show and Tim & Barry TV’s NTS show.

Kicking us off is ‘Mercury Tears’, an emotional cut of happycore; brimming with dense keys, hardcore aesthetics and sweaty hug energy, and this mood pours into ‘Free Falling Into Darkness’ as the warehouse rave feel explodes in a cloud of acid smiley’s and breakbeats.

Stepping out of the darkness and into the light, ‘Beyond Crystal Rain’ quite literally sounds like thousands of gems smashing into the ground below; it’s ethereal synth patterns and otherworldly textures providing a sonic outer-body experience. This transcendence continues on the 140 mix of ‘Inner Wall Of The Oort Cloud’; uplifting atmospherics and heart-string tugging vocal samples creating a vibe that’s both dreamy and tense.

The original mix steps firmly on the accelerator as we venture into 160 territory, before ‘Dystopian Chaos’ bows out with a psychedelic cut of beatless scoring; a spellbinding journey though the rainbow time warp that’s as colourful and inspired as you can imagine.