Mehen - Imperfections In The Sun EP (PRE-ORDER)

Amniote Editions


12" EP

Mehen finally returns to spawn aka Amniote Editions with the follow up 4 track EP to the acclaimed “I’ve Heard A Lot About Harmony EP” from 2019. The amniotic alias of French producer Hadone explores the gritty and melancholic facets of his sound and “Imperfections In The Sun” covers the diversity of Hadone’s skill set from club ready heavyweights to delicate breaks in his usual all killer, no filler style. TGF-ß5 Mehen - Imperfections In The Sun releases October 22nd 2021 12” + digital Written & produced by Hadone Mastered by Joel Krozer at Six Bit Deep

EXPECTED October 2021