Morrice - Back On Tracks (PRE-ORDER)



12" EP

Morrice is no less than a pioneer of Portuguese techno, churning out high-octane bangers and rave-tinged rollers alike from his hometown of Porto since the mid 90s. Lucky for us he didn't slow down, and his fresh offerings are as enticing as ever - we got our hands on some of the finest crop of Morrice's characteristically deranged, sonic techno and 'Back on Tracks' was born.

One can hear the realness of a legend-worthy path in dance music in every tough beat and in every bass line twist and turn: the opener 'Dirty Smack' is a raw, no-frills mutant banger that will throw even the most bashful raver into a frenzy, reminding us all why we miss dancing together so much. 'Stress Will Kill You' is a tense, paranoid techno roller featuring a super effective lead over an economic but super banging technoid beat&bass. 'Synth Lies' is another trip recalling Midwest movements and exuberant composers like Poindexter.

On the flip, you'll find the soulful depths of a warm 'Doctor' as well as the wonderfully Detroitian-via-Douro dream of 'Acorda', all silky pads and stabs. The record closes with a 'Dirty Smack' remix by Paraíso regular Violet who infuses the original with broken rhythms and percussive highlights.

EXPECTED November 2021