Tape - Apt E Vol 3 (PRE-ORDER)

Apt E


12" EP

Apt E returns with a pair of lengthy kraut transmissions from Seattle-based electronic outfit, Tape.

A - Escape Your Shape wades through swampy guitars and modulated jitters before entering a boundless collage of stretchy, acid-bound funk wahs and spacy rhythms launched toward the horizon. Along the way, shifting shapes, dancing chords and washed out motifs swirl around until they’re released into the ether, only to elegantly reenter orbit before dematerializing once more. The jam rebounds one final time, wringing out the final traces of euphoria, before landing gently after the nearly 12 minute long trip.

B - Flip Your Trip hits the ground running; relentless drums take off in tandem with deep analog modulations as higher frequencies slowly creep onto the canvas. Frenzied electronics emerge from underneath blankets of delay while sweeping atmospherics expand and contract with the heavy tides of guitar and droning bass. The vortex erodes to a sticky whirl before drifting back to the surface, entering and exiting a series of cosmic passages until finally being abducted by an arpeggio vacuum and fully melting down after 14 minutes.

Limited to 300 uniquely hand stamped copies.

EXPECTED November 2021