Infinite Waves



The Danish imprint Infinite Waves takes a step back with its triple cassette anthology ‘Still Water’, showcasing the current tides and sounds at the label. The compilation will be released on October 13. Still Water is the name of the upcoming cassette compilation to be released on Infinite Waves, collating unreleased ambient tracks from both existing artists as well as newcomers on the Danish imprint. 

Familiar faces on the release include CR Hougaard (previously releasing as Soft Armour), Birch, Antti Tolvi and Infinite Waves’ label executive Grøn (Bjarke Rasmussen). Meanwhile, Still Water is introducing Kai Oke (Soe Birch and Astrid Fabrin) and Miro (Mikkel Rørbo,) to the Infinite Waves roster. Having previously created analogue works as Alleypisser and Knækkede Stemmer, this is the first time Mikkel Rørbo is releasing digitally produced music.

The rules on Still Water are the same as on the 2017-precursor, Underwater Gestures. Each of the six artists has been given a tape side – or a maximum of 20 minutes ¬– to incorporate their own sound and atmospheric textures, resulting in a triple cassette release with six dierent notions of the ‘ambient’ terminology.

By compiling dierent works of art, Still Water is both a statement that is larger than the individual works and a manifestation of the concept and artistic prole at the Copenhagen based imprint. In a world of easy to digest singles,

Still Water is a far-reaching and weighty body of the work. Whether you’re listening to the explorative gloom of a 20-minute long Kai Oke-tune, the scattered eld recordings and ideas of Miro, or the deep and darkened drone of CR Hougaard, you are just as importantly listening to the accumulated ethics of Innite Waves. In a world of endless releases and overwhelming amount of music, the two-hour long anthology of

Still Water is an example of the legitimating value of a record label and a notion that music not only is something you create, it is something you collect.