Ste Roberts - 00005 (inc. London Modular Alliance Remix)

Ste Roberts - 00005 (inc. London Modular Alliance Remix)


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LTD 12" EP

Ste Roberts sets himself up for release 00005 with three original tracks, and a sublime remix from the ever impressive London Modular Alliance. 

The stripped back percussive grooves of the lead track ‘Mangrove Nine’ set the tempo here, with mutated FM synthesis, old voice box recordings and heavy basslines to get things started.  Moving onto the acid builder that is ‘The Voices of Spring’ taking on world chants, crisp synths, and rolling 909 drums.  Flip to the B side where LMA step up to drop their trademark electro stamp on the lead track, and twist it inside out.  Finishing of the EP with the hypnotic roller that is ‘Tribe Records’, a track inspired from the days of Roberts as a clerk in one of Leeds’s finest haunts.

Limited to 150 pressings.