Various Artists - Pubblicazione 003

Various Artists - Pubblicazione 003

Hiroshima 45 Chernobyl 86 Windows 95


Throbbing Italo-Electro/EBM/Acid pressure from a Roman stronghold on the newly minted label; Hiroshima 45 Chernobyl 86 Windows 95

Stemming from affiliation with Rome’s Knick Knack Yoda hotspot, ‘Pubblicazione 003’ revolves a mix of new and well established acts converging on a mutually raw and machine-driven styles.

A-side features an unmissable highlight in Sneaker’s edit of a sought-after 1987 EBM gem from Mexico’s Roxana Flores aka Interface, alongside Raw Ambassador’s scuzzy EBM kerb crawler, ‘There Is No Way Out Here’. 

B-side, label boss Matéo Montero aka Romance makes unexpectedly ace use of a Robert Smith vocal jabbed into a cranky acid trak, and Dutch wave hero Das Ding metes out the dirty slompy jakbeat ’Static II’.