Kyle Hall - MPC Dreams

Kyle Hall - MPC Dreams

Forget The Clock



KMFH sounds euphoric on his first 12-inch of the year, MPC Dreams. From the title, you might assume he bashed out these tracks on the Akai the way that he's always done. But as with every record following 2016's From Joy, on MPC Dreams, the chords get sweeter, the basslines more elastic, the whole package becomes more noticeably musical. Listen to the ascending string synth chords behind Amp Fiddler's Rhodes solo on "Expression," or the way the synth lead floats above the descending bassline on "Attack." There are elements of Ron Trent's spiritually-minded house or broken beat's uprock funk, but this is pure Kyle Hall. For the second or third time in his career, Hall he's found a sound all his own - RA