ELIZA ROSE - RR001 & RR002 (pre-order)

Rosebud Records


DUBPLATE 10" + 7"  



Double pack exclusive to Lobster recordds

Rosebud Recordings is a home-grown label whose roots stem from deep within the foundations of London. Not constrained by genre, instead digging deeper to explore the many manifestations of soul. Cultivating a fresh take on the old-school where notions of tradition are re-imagined, re-explored and re-defined.


The first release comes from label boss Eliza Rose. Here she teams up with Palmer Eldritch on production duties. For the labels first outing they offer up two tracks inspired by late jazz and blues singers where Eliza Rose croons over instrumentals rich with echoes of J-Dilla.

 On the A - side we have ‘Mr Showbiz,’ here the singer explores a tumultuous relationship with an important figure in her life. On the flip we have ‘A Bloke Named Smokey,’ a tune inspired by Cab Calloway’s Minnie the Moocher. For this track Eliza states ‘I wanted to give Minnie an opportunity to tell her own story and this is very much the ethos of the label as a whole. It’s about taking up space. It’s about being visible. Its about the underrepresented having their moment in the spotlight’

For part two of the release it’s a family affair with friends and collaborators Kylin Tyce and Peaky Beats stepping up for remix duties. Kylin Tyce offers up a bouncy ukg version of ‘A Bloke Named Smokey,’ this vocal driven roller is guaranteed to make you crave the rave. On the flip Peaky Beats delivers a dubbed out breaks remix of Mr Showbiz, simultaneously heavenly but still coming, in hot, hard and heavy.

Kicking off as dubplate series both the 7” and 10” are super limited to 50 copies each