Asquith - Touch The Sky EP

Asquith - Touch The Sky EP



Handstamped 12" Jimmy Asquith returns with a scorching self-release for 2019. This time ramping up the BPM and taking us into seriously speed-ball territory with a trio of thundering club tracks.

Touch The Sky is a 150bpm trance-techno epic that spans near 11 minutes. Segueing from bouncy liquid bass-lines to soaring chords and a stuttering, trance-y triplet low end - this is a seriously tidy tune for proper speedball sets.

Flipping over we get the pounding and rhythmic explosion of Cranky. Pace-y drum-tool electro with a heavy pitched down vocal groan. Rapid-fire percussion, resonant drops and some cheeky 808 action. Supreems-approved gear this one!

Lastly comes Kunstcamp Acid. This should probably should come with a Warning sticker for those of a CDJ BPM-staring persuasion. What starts out as a steady 126 acid drum workout quickly becomes a rocket of a track squelched right up to 150BPM. Originally conceived as a tool for traversing said BPM range in recent sets, this has become a stone cold Asquith centrepiece and gives little excuse to not start smashing the pitch up further.