Ceili - TITDM02

Ceili - TITDM02

Techno Is The Devil's Music




Self proclaimed “DJ from the sticks in Ireland”, Céilí breathes diabolical energy to unforgiving imprint, Techno Is The Devil’s Music. Following his ‘Rough n Ready’ release on Obscuur, and a heap of killer sets - many at Techno institution, Jaded - Céilí’s discerning ear, honed skills and sense of self shine through in this release. TITDM02blends hardcore club vibes with melodic, euphoric elements for a sound that’s heavy-hitting, yet fresh and exciting.

Frantic opener, ‘Stern Morning Shake’, is a transcendental thumper - booting off hard with an ethereal overlay, note Céilí’s tempting dancers into a trance whirlpool. ‘Straight Off The Plane’ offers tripped out acid lines upon ominous rolling thunder. On the flip, ‘2000 and Ded’ goes far beyond the rabbit hole. Rounding out the EP, ‘Time Is No More’ is hard hitting, with little room for respite despite Céilí’s mesmerising,robotic interludes. Strobes, dark corners, incentive to dance - TITDM02is for the ravers.