5713 - Gewelddadige Realiteit

5713 - Gewelddadige Realiteit

Chem Club Records



Amsterdam based artist 5713 creates a sound that is inspired by sci-fi and can be described as a mixture of Techno, EBM, Electro, Wave or whatever lies between those movements and genres. Having recently released on Lake Haze’s label, Eye for an Eye Recordings, 2019 is looking to be a productive year for the young producer.

Gewelddadige Realiteit EP, translating to Aggressive or Violent Reality, feels like an appropriate name for this collection of slow motion compositions of vigorously overdriven Industrial sounds. Whether its abrasive hats like on A1 Geen God, classic EBM on A2 Digitale Programma 7 or pitched basslines on A3 Ongezellig, all three tracks offer up cleverly distinct heavy hitters for your tweaked out dance floors. The B side with B1 Nodig and B2 Wakker a Mattie? are consistent in that they share broken kick patterns to offer a healthy dose of distorted swing. 5713’s style across the entire EP demonstrates his technical sleight of hand with such dense frequencies. This record shows how impactful and functional these elements can be when used with good measure.