(703) 863-4357 - Freezing

(703) 863-4357 - Freezing

Pastel Voids


12" Vinyl

"Lyse is an album I made in the summer of 2016, but it feels like the winter to me now. I like to say it like “lice.” The music in the album seems dented all over to me. When I listen to it I think about: DVD menus and trailers for movies I’ve never seen. Listening to jumpstyle in the car with a seatbelt on. Getting angry in the basement playing a video game. It’s surface tension and pin pricks, a habit-ridden rush.

7038634357 is my phone number. I like thinking that the number wriggles out of the grasp of something like ownership, though: I don’t own it and it’s not really mine. I started using the number for things because I always liked typing on a number pad better. I felt fast—like I was really fitting my hand into something. It also worked in my head for music, because it didn’t feel deceptive as an alias. I didn’t feel like I could hide my identity as a white kid making dance music. The number felt very personal, but not permanent or essential. The funny part to me was thinking about how anyone who listened to the music and who had access to a phone had a way to contact me about it, if they wanted. Let me know what they thought, check in on me. I guess it’s a kind of failure in that way. if people use it, it’s just to see if it’s real, to ask me if it’s real. I think it’s definitely real."