70s Network - Daze Of My Youth

70s Network - Daze Of My Youth



12" Vinyl, W/Lb


The mysterious, internet-bother 70'Network finally sees the light of wax. Five killer raw af house cuts mixed to the nines and scorched to eleven. Crunchy, swung vibes for the Youtube channel rippers and underground misfits. Instagram fashion & Tumblr social movements all rolled into one. U kno the way. 

Rememba Me is the Lobster fave here. Huge vox on the OG and a heavier imbued groove on the Dub Rework, get this thrown down in the dance! Daze Of My Youth is hissing, lucid deep goodness. West Coast synths riding throughout the 2nd half, real haze and good times. 

Sick Boïz came about around the time of early Baltra & Seinfeld and mines a similar sound palette, pulling ghostly swirling synths out of the mist and coiling them around warm, fuzzing valve drums & bass. 

Lastly, Exotic Situation is the heavy dreamers cut. Slow-strobe drop in the rave, love on the floor, the end of days. The kind of goosebumps only early 20's club melancholy can supply. Live your life.