AGAINST ALL LOGIC - 2012 - 2017

AGAINST ALL LOGIC - 2012 - 2017

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Nicolas Jaar is a musician who is only held back by the constraints he sets on himself. While that might be self help book spiel 101, it is certainly true of the always-evolving Chilean-American composer. As a result it’s impossible to second guess the producer’s next move so the surprise release of ‘2012 - 2017’ under his Against All Logic (A.A.L.) moniker is decisively on-brand.

What maybe isn’t on brand, though, is the material within. ‘2012 - 2017’ is one hour and seven minutes of sample-heavy dance tracks — eleven in total. Those who are deeply inquisitive about music will have a field day on WhoSampled finding vocal stems from David Axelrod, The Delfonics and Kanye West.

Those who aren’t interested in that will still find an album which has an instant impact as Jaar substitutes avant-garde dystopian techno with the most off kilter time signatures for something much more predictable.