Al Mason - Good Lovin’ / We Still Could Be Together

Al Mason - Good Lovin’ / We Still Could Be Together

Al & The Kidd Records Inc



Expected Thursday 15th August 2019

The first official reissue of ‘Good Lovin’’ – a modern soul dancer with akiller groove, heavy low-end, delectable string & horn trade-offs and the husky tones of the inimitable Al Mason, that blew up on the scene in 1980 and now commands eye watering prices between collectors. This dinked 7 inch comes backed with ‘We Still Could Be Together’ off the original promo 12 Inch, with both tracks fully remastered andofficially licensed for the first time since its original release.
‘Good Lovin’’ stormed dancefloors back in the early ‘80s taking Al’s undeniable, raspy vocal prowess and stirring it up with an energetic combination of funk guitars, full frontal basslines, on-point harmonies and a perfectly arranged string and brass section. It’s been a rare treasure on the second-hand market with original copies trading hands for £400 so an official reissue will be music to many an ear.
The B side, ‘We Still Could Be Together’, is an emotive ballad filled to the brim with Mason’s tangible passionalongside smoky pianos, cinematic strings and velvety backing vocals. A slow stepper with a bittersweet messagebehind it.