Alexander Nut - ASE08-CASS

Alexander Nut - ASE08-CASS

Altered Soul Experiment


Cassette Tape

Rolling onto its eighth edition, Alexander Nut has curated the next cassette in the Altered Soul Experiment series. The London-based selector has made a name for himself blending all corners of the music spectrum into his diverse DJ sets. His label Eglo Records (co-run with Floating Points) has fast become a byword for eclectic quality and continues to push the musical envelope with releases from Floating Points, Dego & Kaidi, Fatima and Funkineven to name a few.

True to form, Alexander Nut demonstrates his versatility and extensive record collection in this 90 minutes mix. Throughout it all, Nut effortlessly creates a wide range of emotions through his choice of boogie, downtempo disco, slow jams and soul, as well as a comprehensive showcase of his technical finesse.