Anetha / Sugar / Absl - Don't Rush To Grow Up 2020 REPRESS

Anetha / Sugar / Absl - Don't Rush To Grow Up 2020 REPRESS

Mama Told Ya


12" EP

Mama Yold Ya is a new label founded by parisian DJ Anetha that focuses on sharing and collaboration as a creative engine. Designed as a platform of experimentations, the aim is to get each artist out of his comfort zone. In this new ring, the label redefines the limits, confronts the universes and methods of each participant, in order to give birth to a new medium, full of diversity, imbued with the essence of each artist. Sharing as a desire of conviviality. Anetha is a trained Architect based in Paris, now fully dedicated to music and focused on developing her career as a DJ, producer and Label Manager. As a leading figure of the new generation of French DJs inspired by EBM, trance, electro and old school 90’s techno tracks, Anetha knows how to make people dance. She always tries to offer an intense, energetic and unpredictable journey to her public, with a strong and fresh tracks’ selection.Anetha played in the most famous clubs and festivals, such as Concrete, Bassiani, Under Bron, Faust, Village Underground, De School and Berghain - but also Soenda, Weather Festival, ADE, Nation of Gondwana or Freedom Festival. Recently, she has been invited at a DVS1 curated Fabric night, and also made a standout apparition at Boiler RoomAmsterdam, being ranked as one of the best techno set of the year by Boiler Room itself. For the first release, Anetha is inviting the talented Sugar from Fast Forward Productions based in Copenhagen, and her good friend ABSL from Paris. MTY 001 features two original tracks produced by Sugar and ABSL themselves, and two other ones co-produced with Anetha. More than just “club ready” productions, every track is built like a story that you can also enjoy peacefully at home.