Annanan - New Wave Of Nature

Annanan - New Wave Of Nature

Opal Tapes

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12" Vinyl 

Despite early outings on the currently dormant (but soon to be revived) Forbidden Planet and Pat Marsman’s Pinkman, the fiendishly hard to pronounce Annanan have remained low on the radar of wider recognition within contemporary techno. Perhaps this outing on Black Opal will change that? Certainly, the title track possesses the sort of hazy charm we’ve come to expect from one of Terekke’s more focussed excursions. A real smudgers delight of a track, New Wave Of Nature blearily runs simple piano motifs over skittering drums to leave lo-fi techno selectors reaching for a box of tissues.

Bomb comes from a similar place but springs a surprise with its midpoint deviation into dank sub bass science and sonically lives up to its title as a subsequent procession of airborne juggernauts rain down. The digital only Sphere finds Annanan guiding their drum gear through a thick, soupy backdrop of analogue gloom, whilst Gone offers the most explicitly-dramatic opening. Foreboding piano chords signal the onset of a funereal march through heads down techno.