Ansome Umwelt - Vakuum / Affres

Rave Or Die




For its eleventh split EP since Rave Or Die imprint welcomes a well-known artist from the UK scene. Techno producer Kieran Whitefield aka Ansome (Perc Trax, South London Analogue Material, THEM), signs a remarkable debut on the French label with uncompromising 'Vakuum', a straight to the dance floor face melter with a perfect balance between frenetic rhythms, energizing pressure and paranoiac modulations. On the flipside, Rave Or Die label owner Umwelt (New Flesh Records, Shipwrec, Soma) grabs with the full frequency of sound available to serve up a unique and personal take on industrial techno. A complex and brutal piece of acid a la Roland Casper, 'Affres' reveals all the mastery and genius of our producer in this brainwashing and drama exercise of high level!