Antal - ASE07-CASS

Antal - ASE07-CASS

Altered Soul Experiment


Cassette Tape

Stepping up to make the next contribution to the ASE cassette series is the incomparable Antal. Through his digging exploits in the mid-nineties, Antal started a small mail order record business out of his student apartment in Amsterdam. From there his tireless effort and love for discovering music helped spur this project onto become what is now a world renowned record store, label and distributor known as Rush Hour. Antal’s sheer depth of music knowledge is so vast his sets have become synonymous with the eclectic and the unknown ranging from Chicago and Detroit- influenced house and rare Afro-funk, right through to eclectic Japanese music as displayed in ASE007.

Returning from his recent exploration of Japan, Antal’s ASE submission contains purely Japanese artists and soundscapes. From rare jazz-fusion to traditional Japanese music, this is an incredibly strong representation of the countries long history of unique and extremely talented artists. “I had December and snowflakes in Japan on my mind. I used to love the Takeshi Kitano's movies for instance but also the soundtracks. So I have a weak spot for this Japanese nostalgia”

For the listener, Side A will be a delicate introduction into the abyss as Antal meticulously builds upon the atmospheric soundscapes of ambient music with classical piano jazz before introducing a collection of slow jams to conclude the first half. Side B continues the warmth of downtempo releases before diverting to the electric realms of electronica and synth-heavy productions. Antal’s masterclass in Japanese music has found a comfortable home whilst offering something completely new in the ASE series.