Areveeal - amblex

Areveeal - amblex

Silhouette Tapes

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Cassette Tape

It seems like Roger van Lunteren only returned on Utrecht’s infamous 030303 records in 2015, just to drag us into a time capsule. RVL embarks on an ambient journey full of sonic sideways and analogue synth jams, again displayin Follow this compass and path while the music proceeds, as it takes patience and experience not to skip through it. 

With a duration of 63 minutes „amblex“ - released on the Frankonian experimental cassette label Silhouette Tapes - almost doubles the duration of RVL’s distortion tale „float“ (37 minutes / tmæins CD, 2001). Recorded in 1994 to music cassette, RVL releases an epic ambient recording that had laid dormant in his drawer for almost 23 years. Visual support comes again from the Dutch illustrator Merijn Hos (, 030303 recs/Utrecht). His artwork perfectly underlines all acoustic nuances of „amblex“, easily inducing synesthetic impressions in the listener. 

The record is released on a high-quality audio cassette with a two-flap Inlay and a unique tape cover made of x-ray pictures with a number tag stating the limited copy number. Take a step back and grant yourself and the world around you a grand trip out.