Aroma Pitch - Phase 27 EP

Aroma Pitch - Phase 27 EP

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The 5th release on APR marks a new step in the DJ- and Live Trio's maturity and is at the same time their most essential release.

The EP opens up with "Stray and Converge", a track with a heavy use of organic percussions, trippy synth lines and a driving acid bassline to guide you through the dark. Followed by "Blackout" that possibly has one of the toughest bass drums you'll ever witness. Stripped down to the essence, still very unique. Flipping over the record comes "Latin Lover", a dreamy track that builds along luscious pads meandering through nearly the whole length. The 4-Track EP closes down with "Aqua Phase" which brings out the machine funk that Aroma Pitch are so well known for, clearly reminiscing the tradition of electro from the 313.

Overall it's their trippiest release so far. Uniting their percussive trademark and heavy use of effects on the drums in the tradition of a live-jam to create a momentum of dark and warm soundscapes.