AudioBoyz - The Rise Of Gqom

AudioBoyz - The Rise Of Gqom



12" Vinyl 

A year after Danger, their debut EP on Blank Mind, Durban-based crew AudioBoyz join forces with Hypermedium to deliver another instalment in the growing chronicles of Gqom, the darker deviant that grew out of South-African house and whose shockwave is still resonating across western dance floors. 

In 'The Rise Of Gqom', AudioBoyz draw inspiration from the genre’s foundations, being confident about the value of the signature sound of the Drum’n’Drone aesthetic, utilising a classic Gqom formula that is elegantly fine-tuned to function according to the South-African ravers’ dance ceremonial: straightforward tracks, steady, yet playful percussion arrangements, vocal cut ups, uplifting keys, pressure drops and trance inducing momentums. Stripping down every track to the absolutely essentials, structured around successions of relentless climaxes and breakdowns, they manage to forge four action-packed cuts that leave no room for misinterpretations: these tracks are bound to become Gqom epics.