Aurora Centralis - The Remixes



12" EP

Three years after the original's release, new life is given to 747's widely acclaimed neoclassic acid anthem, Aurora Centralis. The uplifting track, characterized by its iconic singing 303, is revisited by four masterful artists: Schacke, Tin Man, nthng and Primal Code, each bringing a unique take. Opening the release, Schacke delivers a fast and euphoric revamp with an infectious groove and floaty atmosphere, while modern acid legend, Tin Man, executes a flawless take embellished with lush pads and deft 303 work. Introducing the B-side, nthng's vehement rendition is fierce and ethereal in a way only he can deliver - wish granted. To close, Primal Code brings a hypnotic version with an atmospheric ambiance and a nod to the original through dreamy gliding acid notes.