Austin Ato - When Love Gets Cold

Austin Ato - When Love Gets Cold


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After years of promoting artists through events, Percolate has decided to embark on a new project - Percolate Records. We welcome long-standing friend and fellow dancer Austin Ato to take us on the first steps of our new journey of musical exploration with this sizzling hot EP, ‘When Love Gets Cold’.

Off to a nostalgic start with ‘When Love Gets Cold’, Austin Ato propels things into action with a disco tribute to shaking off a soured relationship, interlaced with contagious grooves and peppered melodies unveiling glistening keys of hope. Next up, ‘To Fall In Love’ encompasses the excitement of new beginnings with its dusty percussion and sparkly melodies tied with summer sunset strings. Cocktails at the ready.

Flipping right over to the B-Side, ‘All I Want’ catapults onto the late-night dance floor. Pounding drums and warped synths graduate into a blasting explosion of primal joy. Crashlanding into ‘Blessed’, Austin Ato comes through with an intoxicating B2, diving into a jaw-dropping trance of hard-footed breaks and pulsing arpeggios.