Baltra - No Regrets

Baltra - No Regrets

Of Paradise


2 X 12" Vinyl

After the success of the labels first two releases, Of Paradise welcome Baltra into the inner circle for number three; a 2XLP reissue of his No Regrets album. Originally released in February 2016 as a limited edition cassette on the artists own 96 And Forever label, this is the first time any of these tracks have been made available on vinyl. No Regrets captures the deep, raw emotion of the big city, taking the preconceived ideas of underground electronic music and lovingly twisting them into something new.

Opener 'Meta' is a low-slung hypnotic house number. Deftly programmed drums work hand in hand with subtle pad movements that once combined flow freely through the veins. 'Fuck All Y’all Haters' is a cascading call to arms; a voice from deep within the underground rallies the troops through a patchwork of rough-hewn drums and delicate melodies.

Title track 'No Regrets' sets the B side ablaze in a ferociously raw and jackin’ manner. Rough percussion and ambient sensibilities collide with spoken word vocals to lift the listener up and into the hazy mid day sky. 'Soul 4 Real' unfolds in a flurry of cloudy drum and synth work, a love story soaked in black magic that plays out over almost 7 minutes of deeply emotive and distinctive electronics.

'And I Think Of You' launches the C side into emotional territory. What begins as an ambient adventure slowly morphs into a heartfelt club jam, stitched together by a delicate French vocal, all embracing drum programming and glowing pad work. 'U ME EVERYTH1NG' is a true label highlight, an ever-evolving piece of music that shimmers in the rain soaked city streets. Thunderous percussion is soothed at intervals by washes of ambience showcasing a true distillation of Baltra’s unique production abilities.

Rounding off the album is 'Seaside Heights' a blissful ambient excursion across a moonlit beach and up into the night sky. A serenade to lost love and pleasures yet to be experienced.

No Regrets comes packaged in a full colour sleeve complete with A6 insert.