Betonkust / Új Bála

Betonkust / Új Bála

Dalmata Daniel


Dalmata Daniel continue with their inspired pairing of sonics and personalities on their seventh release (1st part of their split series) to date courtesy of Dutch producer Betonkust and Budapest-based hardware techno fiend Új Bála.

As much as both differ in their geographical roots – Holland and Hungary, respectively, at first glance (or listen), their sound also ventures into different sonic territories.

1080p and Pinkman-affiliate Betonkust delivers vintage-tinged electronics - most prominently on his "Ferenc's Escape" - while Új Bála digs deeper into the basement and unravels his analogue acid and badass beats. His “The Piggy-Bank Deal” even touches upon oriental flavours. On the other hand, the music on this EP is buoyant and joyful, a welcome antidote to the gloom and doom that's not only been prevalent in the world around us, but also in too much music of the last few years.