Binary Digit - 38000 Summer Hits

Binary Digit - 38000 Summer Hits

Stochastic Releases


12" Vinyl

After a track, a tape and an EP released on Acid Waxa, Opal Tapes and Dream Ticket, respectively, Binary Digit logically sees his first LP, 38000 Summer Hits, released on Stochastic Releases. 

This new album comprises 6 tracks of EDM: Emotional Dance Music. They were made and recorded during the hot summers of 2016 and 2017. Everything you need then is freshness and coolness and this is exactly what they are giving. They combine the overall positivity of the summer and the melancholy caused by the insistence of the heat, of the light, of the endless nights. They were played directly from the machine to a 1/4’’ tape, which explains their very natural and direct development. 303-like bass, gnarly hi-hats, heavy kicks and digital licks are still to be expected here.