Blair Sound Design - Console Humidity

Blair Sound Design - Console Humidity

Lobster Theremin

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12" Vinyl  


Having been steadily absorbing the flowery humidity in steamy spa towns of central Florida since his debut outing Chillax, Floridian $1 house music purveyor Blair Sound Design aka Kyle Lyon emerges into the Lobster forest with all 16-bit brass and duvet filters blazing. 

Taking inspiration from late 80's and early 90's bargain bin finds, as well as a lifetime spent strapped to Game Boy classic Kirby's Dream Land, Console Humidity finds Lyon on classically chipper yet introspective form, carving a path well trodden but that is unmistakeable his own. 

In his own words, the EP follows a loose narrative reflecting on the ebb and flow of ones mental state throughout any given day: where it lies as you wake, go about your day, meditate, stress, and rush about a busy unrecognisable city. Every console has its processing limits, and people are very much the same. Hopefully this collection strikes a balance between introspection and peace as it does rhythmic propulsion and face-screwing mirth. 

From the digital emotive-ambient transients of RNG Therapy, to the deep brooding house grumble of Silph Scope, the happy-go-lucky swagger and jazzy keys of Startup Tool, and the bizarre & comedic pandemonium of Overheated - Console Humidity is a lesson in life, a jump onto a surface of unknown dimensions, a conversation in practice and a method of practicing conversation. It is singular journey with real warmth and rough edges and an extra shot to give your day that little kick to get you going.