Bluetooth & Soundboy Cookie - Blue Cookie EP (Pre-order)




After the incredible response, our debut release got Gather Recordings are back with the Blue Cookie EP, 4 classy steppers to chase away those lock-down blues those days we can dance together again seem all the closer.

On the A-side Bluetoof serves up 2 cuts of his jazz-tinged bomb Mistakes. The Gradient mix is pure peak-time material with the growling almost Reese style bassline sitting underneath that haunting section for some serious dancefloor magic. The Original mix is a more restrained take on the same theme but still packs more than enough low end to hold its own in the dance.

Over on the B side Soundboy Cookie comes correct with that 90's era Chris Mack style shuffle on jazzy 2 stepper Brooklyn Swing before taking into darker but equally classy territory with Mic Professional.