Brame & Hamo - Club Orange EP

Brame & Hamo - Club Orange EP

Brame & Hamo Germany


Following their blistering 2017 ‘Trants’ EP, Brame & Hamo return to their own B&H imprint with an irresistible follow-up, ‘Club Orange’, delivering another trio of spirited tracks that encompass warm-hearted house, trippy analog-textures and a general crowd-pleasing attitude that’s nonetheless never short on charisma.

For the first of the three cuts, the Irish duo honour a fellow countryman, the joint-most successful Irish footballer of all time, Mr. ‘Roy Keane’. Although not known for his love of joyous, blissfully filtered house anthems, the infamously dour midfielder and prawn-sandwich sceptic would surely offer a stern nod of approval from the sidelines as this hi-NRG, hi-spirits crowdpleaser works it’s undeniable charm in sending both local and national league discoteques into some kind of rapture. As they like to say out on the terraces; “Goal!”

On the following cut, ‘Space Dub’, this same sense of soul is buried within a woozy, spaced-out atmosphere, that simultaneously soars cosmically, yet kicks hard (indeed, perhaps Roy would approve of this track too?) Intertwined with a trippy landscape of sequencers, a soothing female vocal anchors a human touch to this alluring journey of interstellar dancefloor tourism. Please have your freeze-dried space powders ready to consume for this trip.

Finally, on ‘Club Orange’ itself, Brame & Hamo command a complex, irresistible atmosphere that’s the sound of an interplanetary shindig, as classic ‘ouse rhythms intertwine with soaring synthesis and shots of ecstatic chatter from every conceivable angle. This is the authentic sound of the Mos Eisley Cantina during a lock-in, or a mid-nineties New York house spot suddenly displaced on the moon.

Smooth, soaring and deeply satisfying, ‘Club Orange’ is a heartfelt tribute to the social, artistic and personal potential found on dancefloors across the universe. And also to Roy Keane.