Brian Bristol - Ear Candy

Brian Bristol - Ear Candy



12" Vinyl

Bump, skip, hats, jack, jack, jack. Danny. Kenny. ‘Little’ Louie. Junior. FK. Sound Factory. Twilo. Body & Soul jus’born. When a walk to the Alphabets still has you checking your shoulder. NYC going through changes, condos just on the horizon. Strictly, King Street, MAW and a myriad of the City’s labels were ahead of the pack. Like many, Ear Candy had its moment. Chopped vocals sampled, looped and riding a bass and kick as only an analogue can do. “Yer can I listen to the new Maxi?” Boom, talking, talking, talking. Reasons to release Brian, Persian or whoever comes next, alongside today’s producers is that the lineage carries on. Right FYI Chris?! Better than today? No. Different. Keep digging, keep debating, keep on keeping on as only that 4/4 kick and rumble can move…you. Discover the Mystery.

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