Cabasa - Uncle Sigmund’s EP

Cabasa - Uncle Sigmund’s EP

Eclipse Tribez

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12" Vinyl 

We first met Cabasa at the Worldwide Internet Memes Meeting in Daussoulx (BE) back in December 2014. He did some un-understandable jokes about music, it was boring. But he was kinda funny and we had a lot of money to spend on stupid stuff. So, we thought it could be interesting to press a record based on his boring jokes. We still don't really understand our own decision, but here's the outcome of 3 years of hard labour. »

Fathered by Lium, deejay who actively took part in the Belgian New Beat scene back in the late 80’s, Cabasa is the continuity of his father’s passion. Drawing influences from electronica to jungle and techno, he’s seeking for boundaries between beatless and rhythmic compositions; looking for the most danceable and esoteric music.