Caffeine - Birth of Ya (PRE-ORDER)

Caffeine - Birth of Ya (PRE-ORDER)

French Press Lounge


12" Vinyl

A seriously jittery slab of hardcore raver material, this is perhaps our most robust roast yet: filtered  thru the heady history of classic 90’s hardcore techno and peak time trance euphorias, Caffeine’s tracks showcase a viciously deft arrangement sensibility, utilizing a revolving door of precisely cut breaks, bubbly, effervescent pads and synth melodies, creamy sub-bass and loads of crispy vocal signifiers; imagine if the RZA had listened to lots of Orbital and early trance records and made this after Liquid Swords and you’re almost there.

Setting off the night is the title track 'Birth of Ya', a mid-tempo roller that kicks in with a light-body and bright character, leaving a clean finish with a surprisingly nutty aftertaste. The B1 maintains a similar pallet, although with a subtle vegetal profile that doesn’t overpower its otherwise trance inducing flavour and aroma. Far more bold and full-bodied than these is 'Yoshimitsu Tune' with a dark blend of sharp acidic currents, meaty experiential waves, and a rich bittersweet taste that propels and lifts the senses towards a higher plane of sonic ecstasy. On the come down but with no less juice is a knocking remix by Sweet Pup Studios donna D. Tiffany, mixing the A1 into a house-bent 4-to-the-floor concoction flecked with hypnotic congas and a warbling clave section. 

While some prefer their coffee with cream and sugar, this stellar introduction to the Caffeine sound offers a fresh, highly stimulating angle on rave euphoria straight up and in the cup. Drink plenty of water and party responsibly.