Ceramic Hello - Clamatic

Ceramic Hello - Clamatic

Ice Machine



 A new sub-label of the longstanding Canadian electro imprint Suction Records, Ice Machine — focusing on old-school wave/post-punk sounds — continues its Ceramic Hello reissue campaign with the 1st- ever reissue of their 1980 7” debut, “Climatic Nouveaux”.

Limited to 300 copies, the 7” contains the exclusive b-side instrumental, “Theatre Matrix”, and comes housed in a striking re-creation of the original sleeve, now printed on solid reverse board. Ceramic Hello hailed from Burlington Ontario, about an hour outside of Toronto, and comprised of Brett Wickens and Roger Humphries. Clear nods to then-contemporary UK synth-pop acts like John Foxx, OMD, and Ultravox can be heard in full effect. Shortly after the 1981 release of Ceramic Hello’s debut LP, Wickens moved to the UK to work for legendary Factory Records-associated design firm Peter Saville Associates, where he created iconic LP covers for the likes of New Order, Joy Division, and Peter Gabriel.