Charles Green - Soul Figures EP

Charles Green - Soul Figures EP

Four Triangles


12" Vinyl

Four Triangles focuses on sharing music from upcoming producers whose talents are limitless, but have never before shared their work with the world. ASOK’s label is at it again on this third release, showcasing five tracks from Brighton-based Charles Green, best known as one of the resident DJs at one of the city’s most lauded clubs, Patterns. By tapping into his understanding of dancefloor dynamics and a lifelong passion for machine music, Green has delivered a debut that’s as assured as it is thrilling. For proof, check opener “RDT#2”, an energy-packed techno club jam capable of rapturous responses from even the most sluggish of dancers. The track’s sheer power is astonishing, a feat achieved by Green’s devotion to layering heavy, reverb-soaked percussion hits atop a fearlessly fuzzy, sweat-soaked techno groove. It’s the sound of a thousand robot drummers rising up against their masters. The South Coast producer’s love of action-packed drum jams is explored once more on partner piece “RDT#1”, a loose and surprisingly spacey composition whose intricate fills, rubbery changes of direction and mind altering drum machine cowbells are unashamedly intoxicating. Green’s techno credentials are further enhanced by the warehouse-ready late night hypnotism of “X200”, where darting Motor City cymbal hits and wide-eyed, rave-era riffs buzz around a locked-in machine groove. Speaking of rave, the influence of that era’s breakbeat-fuelled dancefloor workouts can be heard on EP closer “Gamma Rays”, where deep space synth lines and intergalactic chords slip in and out of a punchy, all-action rhythm track that gleefully flits between snappy breakbeats and 4/4 jack. After all this late night intensity, it feels fitting that Green has included a track that shows his more sedate side. Having slain dancefloors, he takes a well-earned breather via “Soul Figures”, an ambient composition that sees ricocheting, delay-laden percussion hits rise above swelling, Pete Namlook style electronics. Even at his most relaxed, Green can’t keep away from the drum machines.

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