Claudia Anderson - Liquid Forms

Claudia Anderson - Liquid Forms

Singular Records


12" Vinyl


I am very happy and excited to present the new EP by “Claudia Anderson” on Singular Rec., it’s her second release on the label and it’s a real pleasure.
She cooked a really varied record once again, “Liquid Forms” takes place on A1 and it’s real voodoo here, the effect of this track is very unique, it’s space and deep, surrounded by many little effects that give such a special result, then comes “Neutral State”, a timeless dub & house feeling, very loopy, that reminded me some STL cuts.

“Be One” opens the B… I ve been really sensible to its very sexy percussion’s play and delayed lead, it transports literally during all the length, it’s very high quality.
To end properly this ep, Claudia did a superb ambient cut, everybody knows I love ambient and so here I ve been charmed… it’s a deep, noisy atmospheric track that close the all perfectly, with simple little percussions that come and go, just what it takes…

It’s a confirmation of all the good I thought about Claudia’s talent, a very subtle, deep and charming record, and I hope you will like it as much as I do!