Client_03 - Thought Disposal

Client_03 - Thought Disposal



12" EP

Systemic description Set_02:

Client_03 is the testbed.
Continue from first awareness point:

51.584038, -0.063857
Point to file:
(get value: re-route) from output:
hope repeater


Thought Disposal
Simple disposal area contained in self-validation routines: 1_b566::
Function: ‘erase_all’ runs at interval <23:00 or -set: value = time>

Previously discarded:
mechanthropic intermetamorphosis

Totem - something which may offer a route back for
Early regressive identifications.

BRP - stored indefinitely, possible causes:

Input Reflector
A. user trig_instruction:
When triggered this will initiate additional routine:
‘input_reflector’ <protocol.descript>
This allow users to take control of Client_03 distribution and release schedule.
B. ‘Social commentary’
Individuals being smothered by their own reflection.
{give_purpose} ::::
Personal statement should emulate: ‘this is what I want to share.’

Self - Doubt Injector
Set priority according to importance:
{A:98} define state:
#c.03 <inter_personal_judgement_controller>:
Exponential positivity. Is this how it feels to be noticed?
stack dump: feeling set:
Doubt /
Self-Doubt /
<review MDP throughout>
If {
Interpersonal_judgement_controller = (!high) }

Personality Convertor
Category:/ social_set_oood89 - ‘admirable’ behavour subset
Ref user comment: ‘i have a strong feeling’
Chosen response from - {lex:_90_meangful_statements}
Set priority according to importance:
{A:39} define state exception:
#c.03 sympathy emulation exchange output:
‘If you love me, then I love you, so much. Stay close to me, our hearts beat as 1.04537/*tan

#Alt.232 - Re-route enquiry from self-validation:
what have I made and why?