CoastDream - Shine

CoastDream - Shine




CoastDream returns to X-Kalay with the summer heaters! After over a year’s hiatus and much hard labour in the studio he follows up his hugely successful breakthrough record, Soft Moon, with the Shine EP. Picking up very much where Soft Moon left off, this latest offering is classic feel good CoastDream - sun drenched house music inspired by the golden beaches of his native Brazil.

Title track “Shine” is the anthem in waiting. Classic house pianos overlay an infectious staccato bass whilst a huge euro kitsch vocal pours on the soul. Big one! “Higher” takes us back into early CoastDream territory with that signature under produced sound; big warehouse kicks, sharp percussion and subby grooves.

On the flip, 2k7 is a dreamy club ready cut full of drifting wistful melody and crisp drums, a punchy walking bass holds down the bottom end. Finally, Into the Silence is a homage to 90s jungle; pitched down into a shuffling 122bpm jam with skewed breakbeats, huge sub bass and pure lazy melody.

Don’t sleep – it won’t be around for long!