Credit 00 & Egyptian Lover - Super Scratch

Credit 00 & Egyptian Lover - Super Scratch

FM label


12" EP


Prague based FM label connects music, fashion and design. A work of love put together by Milan Fatrla, establishing itself in public just in time for the new decade of 2020. Musically the label presents an eclectic mix of Fatrla's passions, including different strains of electronic music, ranging from hip hop through electro, all the way to house, taking many detours along its route and including a heavy dose of fashion and design. One of FM label's signatures is its approach to sleeve design, as we can see from the first release: the modularity of the record sleeve/display stand proves FM's attention to detail and refined eye for the minimalistic and functional. The first release sees an exciting mix of Germany's Rat Life Records head honcho Credit 00, and LA's Eight-Oh-Eight Monarch that is the mighty Egyptian Lover. Alex Dorn aka Credit00 serves 80s American Ghetto music release, so this mix of artists is not so distant as one might think, see it as a study and application of this strain of music in two different parts of the World, beating different heart rates, but sharing a similar mindset.