Credit 00 - The Rejects

Credit 00 - The Rejects

Out The Flat



The Ratlife boss brings the noise with a cluster of hardwired dancefloor bombs: 

‘Broken Glass Everywhere’ counts in the A-side. Broken snares ricochet off gutter-clank, clearing a path through shattered electronics and electro-murk. 

‘Reject’ gears up for a dawn raid, inciting an illicit beat over janked-up loner funk, stalking empty streets for scraps. 

‘Harder Faster Slower’ parades onto the B-side like a half-crazed maniacal grind show. Mardi gras drum rolls rattle over clown metal, drilled by chopped vox stabs ’n screwed hysterics. 

‘Ghostride’ brings the reject party to a close, pointing a spectral finger to the exit before lending a sleazy hand for one last late-night runaround. 

Limited to 300 copies. Art by Rafael Farias. Mastered by Keith Tenniswood.

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