CT Kidobó - Exboyfriend EP w/ Gnork, Douala Remix

Earth Plates




He wasn’t sure anymore what had happened. Because whenever he tried to think about it, all he felt was extreme pain. So the best was to not think at all. Not feel at all. Not move at all. Not breathe at all.

Introducing Earth Plates vol 3 - the debut pressing of Budapest’s young talent CT Kidobó.

The EP opens up with title track Exboyfriend, an emotional electro destroyer. While its melodies melt your heart, those violent drums are ready to punish the memory of your ex in a satisfying way. Next up the alien buchla weirdness of Asymmetrical Ingroup Bias - the tune that may be nominated for the most upliftingly psychotic dancefloor anthem of 20020.

Flip the disc and you’ll get a Douala remix that will squeeze out your post break up tears with some cuddly offbeat basslines and deeply empathic chord progression, while Gnork’s 303/break take on Asymmetrical Ingroup Bias will help you to channel out your infinite pain in a highly optimistic way.