Cube - My Cube

Cube - My Cube

Left Hand Path


12" Vinyl

'My Cube' is Cube's first vinyl LP and it is a multifaceted, kaleidoscopic listen, containing a multitude of moods and atmospheres. It sounds like the West Coast's answer to Container, and will appeal to fans of Aussie synth-punks Total Control just as much as it will to fans of Regis, Silent Servant, and their seminal Downwards record label.

Side A begins with a noisy scree, giving way to 'Favorite,' a riotous post-punk storm of churning guitars and drum machines, and ends with the all-too-brief techno beauty of 'Opaque.' Flip the record over and you'll hear the piston-like beats and searing guitar of 'Bargain Water'; soon comes the heavy, dancefoor-ready 'Auto / Composite Face Fetish.' 'My Cube stands' apart, weaving together several different strands of contemporary experimental music into a bold new sound.