Cute Heels - Beyond The War EP

Cute Heels - Beyond The War EP

Schrödinger's Box



Five years ago, Cute Heels brought his unique blend to Schrödinger’s Box with Nepotism. The Colombian now returns to the Glasgow label, this time with a mini-LP packed to the rim with stone cold quality.

Steady kicks give way to juddering bass and epic strings in the dynamic changeling that is “Beyond The War.” Shadows are cast by the EBM stained “Er Ist Nitch Du” and the smoky “Present Images” under the alias of Syndikat Komando Klub 98. Yet, despite these darker shades, the 12” is filled with brighter tones also. As Victor M Lenis R, “Breath of Freedom” beams with synth-disco laden lines. “Strange Forces” takes a similar path, chords shimmering against aquatic pads that bask in warmth. An italo streak enters with the playful melody and sun- soaked keys of “The Awake (Mexico City Mix), radiant notes countered by strong pulsing percussion.

Beyond The War is a record as diverse as its creator. Traversing a spread of styles, Cute Heels has created a 12” that blurs perceived genres whilst maintaining the energy and zeal of the club.